We founded MVM to reshape New England's palette with the region's most delicious, sustainable source of protein. We make choices every day in our diets which affect our own and our environment's health, but the right choice should not compromise enjoyment. 

Enter the Wild Harvest Shiitake.  Closer to animals than they are to plants, mushrooms are the 'fruit' of a fungus, whose chitinous cell walls contain all the essential amino acids. By specializing in the cultivation of these magnificent fungi on whole oak logs, we bring differentiation to the commercial mushroom market that chefs and consumers alike can count on for a reliable, superior option that is available all season long. 

We have perfected production of the shiitake in natural conditions after the traditional techniques used in Japan for thousands of years. Wild Harvest Shiitakes hold very little water, do not shrivel when cooked, and sear like meat, yielding incomparable woodsy umami. It's a different mushroom experience than any you have had before.